Do Women Like Anal Sex?

It’s a confusing question for many men, and even women, to ask: do women like anal sex? The answer is simple but at the same time can be confusing: some women like anal, some don’t. Usually when a woman does not like anal sex, she HATES it. It is a subject of such polar opinions because it is a topic that can be both painful to discuss and take part in.

Having a penis or an adult sex toy inserted into a place that has never had anything inserted in to it can be extremely painful. It can be a painful experience some women never want to have, or never have again if they have tried it. Pain is the main reason why some women don’t like anal sex, especially the first time.

Anal can also cause a mess, which drives some women away of ever trying it. On the other hand, women who like anal sex have a number of reasons why.

Women Like Anal Sex Because …

Like those who are strongly opposed to it, women who like anal are strongly in support of it. Women who like anal sex don’t just like it, they love it. The pleasure of the act that outweighs the pain, and for some lucky ladies, anal isn’t painful at all.

Female Anal Orgasm
  • For women who like anal, the female anal orgasm is a major reason why
  • Anal sex can cause an orgasm that feels different than a normal orgasm because it can stimulate both a woman’s asshole and vagina. The double stimulation can cause a female anal orgasm that can be more powerful than that of just normal vaginal intercourse.
  • Women who like anal will tell you that anal sex has helped them find new pleasure spots they never knew existed.
It’s Taboo
  • Sometimes being bad can feel good and the same goes for women who like anal.
  • Having anal sex can be perceived as a naughty activity to do. Women like anal because they like being naughty while doing the naughty. This extra excitement can add to the anal experience and sometimes, a female anal orgasm.

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