Classifying Womens Assholes

Sometimes they are used in total seriousness. At other junctures, they’re used at the butt end of a joke. Either way you shake it, classifying womens assholes falls under two categories: "asshole description" and "asswhole description."

The pooper and dirtbox are classified as "assholes" as they describe just women assholes. Brown eye is another example because to some people, womens assholes look like a brown eye. When describing women assholes under the category "asswholes," the love tunnel is a popular choice. Why you may ask? To some, a rectum looks like, well, a tunnel a love.

Women assholes: each is unique, has its own story, and its own preferred use. Some of the most common anal nomenclature you may come across include:

The Love Tunnel

Used to describe both vaginas and women assholes, the love tunnel gets its name from the love some people experience during anal sex and the resemblance of the inside of an asshole to a tunnel. Don’t confuse the love tunnel with Bruce Springsteen’s Tunnel of Love. While both are shitty, it’s in two very different ways. As mentioned before, the love tunnel falls under the asswhole category.

The Pooper

Falling under the asshole category, the pooper is a self-explanatory name. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, women do in fact poop, thus giving some women assholes the not-so-clever title of the pooper. The pooper can also be used to describe an entire booty, but it is not as common.

The Tailpipe

The term tailpipe combines "tail," the widely used term for a woman’s ass, and "laying down the pipe," a phrase that describes sex. Tailpipe is the hybrid of these two terms and is usually used while describing anal sex. This asshole description is a distant cousin of the pooper and the bunghole, but unlike its cousin counterparts, is usually used exclusively describing anal sex.

Rusty Sheriff’s Badge

It may seem easier to spit out cornhole or stink hole then this three word enforcement of a description. Rusty sheriff’s badge usually refers to the inside of an asshole when it’s encrusted with bathroom leftovers. Like the pooper, dirtbox and bunghole, rusty sheriff’s badge falls under the asshole, not asswhole, category. The name’s true origin is unknown however it is thought to have two reasons as to why it became a name:

  • The look of crusted fecal matter in women assholes can resemble a rusty sherrif’s badge.
  • It may have something to do with how people act around law enforcement and a rusty sheriff’s badge. People tend to avoid the police just as they stay away from leftover fecal matter.


Spurring from the vaginal term "box", dirtbox falls under the asshole classification category. Dirtbox is a close relative of the bunghole and the pooper because it describes the look of women assholes and not the connecting parts.

Hershey Highway

Like the love tunnel, the hershey highway is an asswhole classification. It gets its name by combing the chocolate color of feces with Hershey’s famous candy and the highway-like hole one can describe women assholes with. The hershey highway is used most famously on HBO’s Da Ali G Show. When discussing the law, Ali G says, "We is gonna give you life if you take her up the hershey highway." Even without the HBO recognition, hershey highway is a popular name and is used on a daily basis.

Other Women Asshole Names

The following names can also be used when describing women assholes:

  • Stink Hole
  • The Third Wheel
  • Turd Cutter
  • Cornhole
  • Bunghole
  • Chocolate Starfish
  • Brown Eye
  • Spider Button

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