Anal Beads: How To Use Them

Anal beads, sometimes known as thai beads, are a sex toy used for anal pleasure. Typically, anal beads are made up of a number of beads attached to a solid string or cord. Thai beads can be made up of a number of different materials: latex, glass, rubber, plastic or silicone and either have the same size beads throughout or have beads varying in size from smaller to larger (or vice versa).

How to Use Anal Beads

Using anal beads can enhance anal sex and ass play. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, using thai beads should be done correctly and with safety in mind. Before any you use anal beads, follow this "Anal Beads How To" list of tips:

Use Anal Beads With Lots of Lubrication
If not prepared correctly, it can be painful to play with anal beads. How to prevent this is easy: use lots and lots of lubrication. It’s important to use a water based lubricant before you use anal beads and during insertion. The inside of the asshole does not lubricate itself, so it is very important to prepare accordingly.

Slow and Steady Wins The Race
It’s important to note that thai beads should be inserted, adjusted to, and removed slowly to prevent pain and prolong pleasure. Insert them one bead at a time to give yourself time to adjust to the anal beads. Use the balls on the cord in size order by inserting the smallest one first and working your way up to the largest.

Timing is Everything
To get the most of your experience with anal beads, perfect the timing of the removal of your anal beads. How to do this requires withdrawing the thai beads as the climax of your orgasm occurs. It can’t be understated that the withdrawal should be slow and gentle, that is, if you want to get highest amount of pleasure when you use anal beads.

Keep Them Clean
While condoms are known to keep sexual partners clean, they can also be used to do the same with anal beads. Use a condom to keep thai beads clean if you share or intend to share your anal beads. Use a brand new condom each and every time. Condoms help the longevity and with beads that don’t bend, will not change the pleasure level of the covered thai beads.

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