Womens Assholes: Anal Sex and Adult Sex Toys

Besides their obvious use, womens assholes can go a long way in enhancing sexual pleasure. Anal sex and adult sex toys can help stimulate the sexual stimulation womens assholes have the ability to experience.

Anal Sex

Sometimes referred to as anal, inserting the penis into the anus is called anal sex. Although the classic definition involves a male and a female, anal sex can take a wide variety of forms including male and male or female and female, which is done with the assistance of an adult sex toy. Strapons or anal beads are commonly used with female and female anal sex.

Both males and females have differing opinions on what should be stuck inside womens assholes because some love anal sex, some hate it, some are eager to try it and some have no interest in ever exploring it.

Adult Sex Toys

Besides anal sex, other ways to stimulate womens assholes comes with the use of adult sex toys. Unlike anal sex, using adult sex toys does not require a partner. Adult sex toys come in all shapes, sizes, and types. Some adult sex toys designed for anal insertion include:

  • Strapons
    • The name is self explanatory. Strapons, or strap-on dildos, are dildos that are made to be worn, not held by the user. A strapon is one of the adult sex toys that require a partner for correct usage.
  • Anal Plugs
    • Sometimes known as a butt plugs, anal plugs are dildo-like adult sex toys used for insertion into the anus. Unlike strapons, anal plugs can be used for personal pleasure.
  • Vibrating Plugs
    • Basically anal plugs with a twist, vibrating plugs are anal plugs that vibrate. This category of adult sex toys add sexual stimulation to womens assholes by vibrating on parts of the anus that rarely receive moving stimulation.
    • Vibrating plugs run on batteries or can be charged by plugging into an electrical outlet.
  • Anal Beads
    • The most popular of anal adult sex toys, anal beads differentiate greatly from anal plugs, vibrating plugs, and strapons. Anal beads are made up of a number of beads attached to a solid string or cord and are inserted into womens assholes for sexual stimulation.

Ultimate adult sex toys